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Pontiac Torpedo Eight Convertible 1948 (5464)

Manufacturer: Pontiac Motors Division, Kansas City, Kansas – USA / General Motors Company, Detroit, Michigan – U.S.A.
Type: Torpedo Eight Series 27 Convertible
Production time: 1948
Production outlet: 11,006
Engine: 4079cc straight-8 Silver Streak 249 L-head
Power: 107 bhp / 3.400 rpm
Torque: 260 Nm / 2.100 rpm
Drivetrain: rear wheels
Speed: 132 km/h
Curb weight: 1840 kg
Wheelbase: 119 inch
Chassis: A-platform U-channel chassis straight X-member crossbrace cantilever type with separate all-steel body (by Fisher)
Steering: worm & roller
Gearbox: three-speed manual / II and III synchronized / column steering shift
Clutch: 9.5 inch single dry plate disc
Carburettor: Carter W-1-400S dual downdraft
Fuel tank: 64 liters
Electric system: Delco-Remy 6 Volts 100 Ah
Ignition system: Delco-Remy distributor and coil with automatic and vacuum spark control
Brakes front: 11 inch Bendix Duo-Servo hydraulic internal expanding drums
Brakes rear: 11 inch Bendix Duo-Servo hydraulic internal expanding drums
Suspension front: independent double wishbones, sway bar, coil springs + Delco-Lovejoy hydraulic telescopic shock absorbers double-acting type
Suspension rear: beam axle, torsion stabilizer, longitudinal Duflex semi-elliptic leaf springs + Delco-Lovejoy hydraulic telescopic shock absorbers double-acting type
Rear axle: live semi-floating type
Differential: hypoid 4.10:1
Wheels: 4½ x 16 inch steel safety rim discs
Tires: 6.50 x 16 4-ply
Options: Hydra-Matic four-speed automatic transmission, leather upholstery, two tone trims with pillow-and-tuft seatbacks, quarter sawed mahogany dashboard and window trim, electric glovebox door clock, Deluxe steering wheel, bright gravel guards, dual spotlights, 8-tube radio, fog lights, chrome fender moldings, gravel guards, plated wheel discs, two-tone colouring

– The Pontiac brand was introduced by General Motors in 1926 as the “companion” marque to GM’s Oakland Motor Car line. The Pontiac name was first used in 1906 by the Pontiac Spring & Wagon Works and linked to Chief Pontiac who led an unsuccessful uprising against the British shortly after the French and Indian War. The Oakland Motor Company and Pontiac Spring & Wagon Works Company merged in November 1908 under the name of the Oakland Motor Car Company. The operations of both companies were joined together in Pontiac, Michigan (in Oakland County) to build the Cartercar.
– The post-war Pontiac models were resyled pre-war models, originally designed by Harley Earl. The new styling features of the Torpedo Convertible included triple ‘Silver Streaks’, round taillights, a horizontal grille with vertical shafts, Colonial grain or imitation leather and lacquered instrument boards that matched the exterior color.
– The Torpedo model (1946-1948) was the cheapest next to the more expensive Streamliner Series.
– They were assembled in South Gate (California), Wilmington (Delaware), Atlanta (Georgia), Kansas City (Kansas), Framingham (Massachusetts), Pontiac (Michigan) and in Linden (New Jersey).
– The 1948 Torpedo Eight Series was available as this 2-door Convertible, as 2-door Convertible Sedan Coupe DeLuxe, as 2-door Business Coupé, as 2-door Coupé, as 2-door Sport Coupé, as 2-door Sport Coupé DeLuxe, as 2-door Sewda, as 2-door Sedan Coupé, as 2-door Sedan Coupé DeLuxe, as 4-door Sedan and as 4-door Sedan DeLuxe.

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